English day


Last Friday, Lestonnac school celebrated the "English Day". From the youngest children to the biggest ones did all kinds of activities in English. Here we leave a compilation!



Educació Infantil

We celebrated English Day today at Lestonnac. We saw a puppet show, we did crafts and we made fruit brochettes. We even had a special menu at lunch time! We had a great day!


Cicle Inicial - Primària

The boys and girls of cicle inicial have been celebrating the  "english day".   They have been working vocabulary related to jobs and  also they have seen that everybody can do any kind of job ( no matter of gender).
Finally they have  been enjoying of a modern version of "the little red riding hood" play.

Cicle Mitjà - Primària

Today CM students celebrated the Enlgish Day and the International Women's Day doing several activities, such as findong out about some important women in history, writing texts to important women for children, role plays, special lunch and cineforums. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Cicle Superior - Primària

5th and 6th graders started the English Day with a gymkana full of activities related to the International Women’s Day. We are having a lot of fun while using English all day!


ESO and BTX celebrated the International Women’s day with quizzes, films and arts and crafts activities about women who rocked the world. We had a great time!!

English day: A batxillerat student tells us what they have done this morning