Educational Project


The aim of Saint Joan of Lestonnac (1556-1640), founder of the Society of Mary (Bordeaux 1607), is to educate young women, "offering them a hand", and through this action, influencing families and the transformation of society.
Joan of Lestonnac's educational intuition has been reflected and realized throughout history in various ways.
Today, four centuries later, we boast an Educational Project that combines tradition and novelty to continue "offering people a hand in life".
From the Christian point of view of the person and of life, the Society  of Mary has created its own educational proposal, which emphasises a range of elements that define it and give it value:
  • A Christian humanist education, which believes in the utopia of becoming new people for the construction of a better world, as a goal of educational work.
  • Continuous improvement, openness and renewal, reflection on the practice and ongoing training of educators are a guarantee of quality education.
  • An education aimed at fostering solidarity, social responsibility and development, to contribute to the transformation and improvement of reality. to contribute to the transformation and improvement of reality.
  • We believe that education  goes beyond the classroom and what is established in the framework, seeking educational spaces that promote comprehensive education and the experience of interculturality.
In the schools of the Society of Mary, education is offered as a service through educators who take the role of witnesses, with their word and their life, of the values ​​and principles in which they want to educate.