FISC, your school’s NGO
FISC is the Society of Mary's NGO that works to achieve a more just and supportive world, with the support of the Society of Mary's schools alongside its partners, donors and volunteers.
FISC presents the C Project; a Project that is based on inalienable principles that consist of: The Person, Social Projection, Openness, Community, Integration, Critical Sense, Identity through Mary. All of these are promoted in those places that need special attention, action and commitment. To this end, it promotes projects to change situations of poverty and exclusion of people from impoverished countries, where the Society of Mary is present through its schools.
FISC promotes a Global Cosmopolitan Identity in The Society of Mary's schools, so that our students become aware of world's problems, are sensitive to their perception, able to analyze the causes, to understand the interrelationships between economics, politics, culture and society and critical, diverse and ethical knowledge; all aimed at training active citizens, who want and can "act" on reality to transform and improve it and who become their own and identify with “offering everyone a hand in life”. 
FISC promotes and offers the possibility of active student volunteering through FISC-jove, collaborating in comprehensive education and strengthening the pedagogy of the Society of Mary, which aims to "educate in life and for life ”.
We encourage you to collaborate with the NGO at your school, according to your interests, concerns and possibilities. You can become a member, make contributions or collaborate as a volunteer in these activities. Find out more at (http://www.fisc-ongd.org/)
Your participation is important. The whole educational community, following the model of Joan of Lestonnac, can work together to make sure our world is a better place for everyone.