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The Secondary Education stage starts with new challenges and new methodologies through the use of computers in the classroom in some subjects, cooperative work and our interactive platform among other innovative features.

In the first cycle we enhance our work, study and information search habits, and in the second cycle we discover our vocational and professional interests, choosing itineraries with the Vocational Guidance Program.

Features of Secondary level

  • Accompany their own personal growth.
  • Acquire cultural and social skills and competences.
  • Provide criteria and principles that promote personal autonomy, co-responsibility and personal interdependence
  • Contribute to the development of social work and study skills with autonomy and critical thinking, artistic sensitivity, creativity and the affectivity of all children.
  • Assists the student in making decisions regarding their vocational and professional future
  • Skill-based work, an innovative and coherent commitment to developing competent students able to adapt to a changing society


The stage of compulsory secondary education (ESO in Catalonia) includes 4 academic courses that are organized in different contents:






  • Systematic work of habits, attitudes and values ​​to promote good coexistence
  • Individual and group work
  • Work and study techniques
  • Use of different information and communication technologies to facilitate learning. The personal computer as a work tool. Tablets and mobile phones as technological support.
  • Methodological diversification: splits, personalized attention, group and individual tutorials
  • New methodological axes in the treatment of the subjects: cooperative work, multiple intelligences, CLIL, oratory.


Multiple intelligences