Inwardness Education

The education of the being has been a constant in our education. Saint Joan of Lestonnac, from a very young age, heard and lived the idea of  "Not letting the flame go out" in her life. This expression has been like a mantra for us.

Inwardness is this space in which the body dimension is integrated, with thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions to feel unified as beings.

We take care of the inner dimension of the whole Educational Community because we think that what happens inside us, in our inner world, is very important for the correct development of all the dimensions of the person.


The “And project” of Inwardness education is present in all schools. It is a project that starts from personal experience, so that in the daily life of the school and in the way of educating, educational practices of breathing, relaxation, silence, gestures, openness to transcendence are integrated. make them more aware of the inner dimension of people.

We think that the ”And” project focused on Inwardness education is a good way to give an answer to the realities we face: the accelerated pace of life, growing individualism, this noisy world where we live, saturated with stimuli , where everything is immediacy and speed. Where we would like to have spaces of silence, to share, to open ourselves to transcendence and to look inside ourselves, our interior.


We understand inwardness as being that space in which everything that is bodily is integrated, with the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions that we need to feel full. What happens inside us affects attention, the pace of work, being more effective, being happier. Deepening ourselves helps reduce stress and means we can also improve relationships.

The moment of calm, work with mandalas, yoga workshops, ... are just some samples of the project in action.