Reading Plan

One of the main goals of the school is for students to achieve good reading skills. For this reason we have developed a "School Reading Plan".

 It begins with the project of experiential learning of reading and writing and is consolidated throughout the following courses with constant activities: daily reading, comprehension and reading tests, participation in programs of reading sponsors, classroom library, computer based learning.

 Constant work allows students to develop a good reading habit and an authentic taste for reading. It also makes it easier to have high reading comprehension results from the external tests set by the Department of Education. We make reading a healthy and enjoyable habit that coexists with new learning methods. In Primary we have a tool to facilitate this learning.

 We also incorporate a new reading support and training tool that combines new technologies. This is called Glifing, a program that allows you to develop both reading mechanics and comprehension. Resource intended mainly from primary onwards. 

 High school students (Secondary and Baccalaureate) continue to work on a series of readings throughout the course. Different activities are carried out on these readings, from debates and dramatizations to PPT presentations  or test-type questionnaires.


We have also developed a new PLA LECTOR reading programme that consists of setting aside the first 10 minutes of class (in Spanish and Catalan lessons) for pupils to read individually.  Grids are provided where each student scores the reading done from 1-10. The goal is to encourage our students to read, so that they discover the pleasure in reading and continue this habit. Students with more reading difficulties will have a space where they can progress with their reading. This space also serves us very specially as a moment of calm. When these 10 minutes finish, students  are perfectly prepared to start working on the subject with the necessary calm and focus.