Family-school relationship

Considering that we seek, strive for and only accept the highest quality and maximum commitment; we base our educational style on one of our pedagogical philosophies: "Educating as a  Community with a Shared Project"

We want to start a family based on the Society.

Involving families in our schools is a priority goal. To create an educational community is to be with each other, "to carry each other, to foster a school centred on communication." Based on a climate of trust and collaboration, we want everyone to feel part of their children's education and this depends on the implementation of our Educational Project.

The involvement of all the people who carry out the educational work of the Society of Mary School by fostering relationships of collaboration and assuming responsibilities and teamwork, show that school does not educate an isolated person, but it is in reality a whole environment that educates based on the wealth generated by working with each other in partnership.