Mission, vision & values



Since 1650, the Lestonnac school in Barcelona has been fostering and celebrating the Society of Mary's educational project. Our driving motivation is to educate each person as an agent of change and transformation of society, in a comprehensive and harmonious way, from a humanist-Christian perspective inspired by the charisma of Saint Joan of Lestonnac.

We are a Catalan school rooted in society and its culture, and we work with children and young people in this reality.


We strive to set a benchmark for educational quality in our city, and to achieve this we set out to make sure:

We work in an integral way the dimensions that facilitate that our students are competent and committed people in the personal, social and professional field with a high degree of academic preparation.

We facilitate the identification, participation and integration of families in our Educational Project.

We implement the comprehensive management model of the Society of Mary in order to dynamise the step towards excellence in the educational setting and school community.

We implement a resource management system aimed at maintaining and consolidating a tight economy and a sustainable school centre.

We are an educational centre that works on our students' digital competence, multilingual learning and cooperative work.



As the value that empowers the person to recognise and appreciate the qualities of others and their rights. It must be recognised as a central value in getting people to encourage dialogue and acceptance of a coexistence of oneself with others.


As a generator of trust, of adequate information to know where we are, what we have and what we want to achieve. Our stakeholders need to know about our business, our successes, our strengths, and what we need to improve. To clearly convey what we are, what we do and what we want to achieve


As an attitude consistent with the institutional mission, the commitments and agreements made by everyone at the school. Honesty. Ethical behaviour.