Lestonnac groups

The Lestonnac Groups are Christian groups of voluntary participation, within the extracurricular field, which are offered in the educational centers of the Company of Mary, from 4th or 5th of Primary Education to Baccalaureate. They aim, from the Educational Project and the Spirituality of the Society of Mary, to help children, adolescents and young people find the meaning of their lives in Jesus and in the values ​​of the Gospel, offering them alternatives that contribute to the growth of their Faith, the choice of life and the insertion in the ecclesial community and to participate in the society.


The group is the main pedagogical means to learn to live together, to relate, to work in a team, to project the future and to engage with others in a common service in society and in the Church, always accompanied by facilitators who guide, through their testimony and knowledge, to make this possible.



The educational option of the Lestonnac Groups focuses on:

  • THE PERSON: Center of all educational action, contributing to the development of all its capabilities through a comprehensive and inclusive education.
  • THE GROUP:An education that is carried out with others from a joint and complementary experience, promoting participation, dialogue, reception, teamwork, cooperation and sharing of responsibilities.
  • GUIDANCE AND ACCOMPANIMENT for personal growth, in openness to transcendence and subsequent path of faith, from a starting point of respect for personal freedom.
  • LEISURE TIME: An education that goes beyond the classroom and isn’t restricted to the academic, seeking out other educational spaces and opportunities that favour comprehensive education.
  • SOLIDARITY, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND DEVELOPMENT: encourages  the participants to get involved in building a fairer and better world for all and taking care of the planet.


Our goal is to ensure that Lestonnac Groups do not mark the end in a stage of growth and learning, but the basis of subsequent commitments of young people, both socially and within the Society of Mary and the Church, giving them different options for volunteering and opportunities to grow their faith.

Lestonnac Groups is a group support project for pre-teens, teenagers and young people, which aims to respond to the general and specific guidelines of each stage. This process links the Catechesis of Communion with the groups of Catechesis of Confirmation.

Its main objectives are:

-To accompany the children in their process of personal growth, from a Christian perspective. The project is driven by the Youth Pastoral Project of the Society of Mary

-Creating and acting as a group with participation from both the children and the guides.

The educational team, known as guides, are made up of school teachers and alumni, all of whom contribute their professional and vocational background in an authentically selfless way.

The activities are aimed at 5th and 6th grade students: Friday from 17h to 18.30h; and for 1st and 2nd year Secondary students: Friday from 15h to 17h.

The family Eucharist is celebrated monthly in the church of the school, with a special participation of the children who are preparing for the Catechesis of First Communion. 

Responsible: Ana Delgado / Josep Salvà 

Living the FAITH: Lestonnac Groups









5th and 6th Ed. Primary


Lestonnac groups




17 to 18.30

1st and 2nd of Secondary


Lestonnac groups




15h to 17h

* Registration for the Lestonnac Groups activity will take place in September, at the start of the school year.