When we talk about Pastoral care and education,  we mean every process that builds the school according to the values ​​of the Gospel; promoting the individual person’s encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ, accompanyinf them in their growth and preparing them to integrate into society and participate in its transformation.

Our Pastoral proposal contemplates many facets: the interior, sense of communion, commitment, solidarity, celebration… It is open to all those who feel called to live it in the educational framework and share in a common Project.

Some of its features are:

  • The individual person at the centre of education.
  • The community, a space for coexistence and relationships.
  • The personal and group support of the students.
  • Personal judgement and values of Inwardness 

It is in the school environment and through specific offers and proposals that we make it clear that we are Christian-oriented schools.

Actions aimed at students:

  • School religious education.
  • Celebrations.
  • Days of Human-Christian formation (Christian Coexistence and gatherings).
  • Tutorial action.
  • Solidarity and Education for Development.
  • Inwardness Education.
  • Each school complements to the project…

In the extracurricular field, a complementary and privileged space to accompany the growth in  Faith through voluntary activities including: 

  • Preparation and celebration of Sacraments.
  • Volunteering
  • Lestonnac groups.
  • Art Humanism and Spirituality (AHE).
  • Lay Network Society of Mary.

The Pastoral Team is responsible for the programming and aspects of the educational action that are related to the formation, experience and Christian orientation of the students, and collaborates in the fostering  of a pastoral culture across the whole educational community. In this way, the Pastoral Team assumes the following general objectives:

  • Giving a religious meaning and a transcendent dimension to the activities carried out throughout the school year.
  • Working on the  general objectives of school from a Pastoral perspective.
  • Favouring continuous formation within aspects related to the Pastoral focus of the school
  • Promoting an itinerary of education in faith from the school level, as well as from the extracurricular perspective, through the catechesis of children, Lestonnac Groups, Lestonnac Youth Groups and volunteer groups.
  • Give new impetus to the proclamation of the Gospel and the celebration of the faith.
  • Ensure the scheduling of religion classes throughout the school.
  • Promote activities that help create sensitivity to others.
  • Promote the presence in the activities organized by the Society of Mary, the local Church or other institutions that propose it.

This year, the Pastoral Team also proposes the following lines of action:

  • Continue working on the document about music in our celebrations, consolidating the learning of new songs.
  • Working to make pastoral care a part of our daily lives.
  • Involving families in school pastoral life
  • Ensuring the school's volunteer plan

The Pastoral Team consists of:

Standing Committee:

  • Team leader: Anna Delgado
  • Representative for Pre-school: Yanina Pennisi
  • Representative for Primary school: Maria Llimona
  • Representative for Secondary school: Anna Delgado

School Pastoral Representatives:

  • Pre-school Education: Yanina Pennisi
  • First School Year: Maria Llimona
  • Middle Years: Anna Hortal
  • Upper Years: Esther Gargallo
  • 1st year of Secondary: Teresa Rodrigo
  • 2nd year of Secondary: Gemma Martínez
  • Management team liaison: Bego Tomé

Extracurricular Pastoral Representatives:

  • Catechesis for children: Elisabet Payán
  • Lestonnac groups: Anna Delgado
  • Volunteer Activities: Anna Hortal
  • FISC link: Josep Salvà

Representative activities:


Around Christmastime, the whole school joins in the collection of food and toys, with the mission of sending these to  families in our city who do not have their basic needs covered and have lower resources.


Throughout the school year, the school carries out awareness-raising work towards solidarity. During these days our community carries out different activities, workshops and games aimed at achieving attitudes and values ​​of respect, tolerance and justice.

  • Peace Day (DENIP)
  • Fair Trade Day
  • The Marathon
  • Hunger does not go on holiday campaign
  • Verbena of Saint Joan
  • Solidarity breakfast


Throughout the course and especially in mid-March we discover, work and deepen our knowledge of a chosen project that the NGO of the Society of Mary (International Foundation of Solidarity Society of Mary) carries out in order to take part in  the cause. 


May 15TH  is an important date for our school as we mark our celebrations of  St. Joan of Lestonnac, founder of the Society of Mary, and on November 21st , we hold the feast of the Presentation of the Virgin at Temple. We have also celebrate Corpus Christi each year since the foundation of our schools in 1607.<