From the desire to engage with others, especially the most disadvantaged, we plan different "solidarity actions" that raise awareness and educate the entire educational community.

Becoming aware of the inequalities that exist in our world, of issues and factors that cause them, and, at the same time, to make us aware of the need for our involvement to create a fairer world, are priorities in our way of understanding education.

At the school we prioritize our solidarity actions considering the needs close to our environment and those promoted by the FISC, our NGO.

Its two lines of action are: 

  • Development Education:

    It promotes constant educational processes, aimed at promoting global citizenship, through knowledge, attitudes and values ​​capable of generating a culture of solidarity committed to the fight against poverty and exclusion, as well as with the promotion of sustainable human development.
  • Development cooperation fund:

    It funds cooperation projects and programs in developing countries.