At our school, in accordance with the principles and values ​​of our project, different volunteer activities are promoted and encouraged. 

These actions, of an altruistic nature , are conducted discreetly, responsibly and constantly by a dedicated group of children from our school community: the Lestonnac volunteer group

We would like to give a mention to the good work all of them do and thank them for their enthusiasm and passion. By giving to others, they have, without a doubt, done their bit to make sure the school community is alive and to make our world a better place.

Here is the testimony of some of the Lestonnac volunteers who are doing good work this year


Lestonnac volunteering in the children's canteen

Well, the canteen volunteers go to P3 every lucnhtime to participate and support our school’s canteen monitor team ... we help the children with lunch, we go with them to the break room, we put them to sleep so that they can take a nap, we accompany them to their class, etc ... We split ourselves between different tasks and we love it! 

It's a way of getting involved at school and we really enjoy it. It’s a daily effort, to be there, but it’s very rewarding. We love being with Primary Year 3 boys and girls and they love being with us too. Next year we want to volunteer again and we invite you all to participate because it makes you feel great !.

Mireia R, Anna, Núria, Sofia, Clara, Berta, Mireia B (1st and 2nd of Secondary)


Lestonnac volunteering at  the Society of Mary experience projects

Last summer we participated in a 10-day Society of Mary volunteering project in Tudela, Navarra. It was an an amazing experience, very interesting! Some of us were caring for the elderly in a nursing home and some of us acted as monitors in a summer home for children at risk of social exclusion.

This experience has made us mature and gain new values. We have also met people our age from other places in Spain, with whom we shared these days, and with whom we keep in touch. We look forward to doing it again! We wanted to share this experience with all of you at Infonnac.

 Elena, Hugo, Mireia, Alina and Quique (3rd ESO)


Volunteering at the Lestonnac school in Badalona

In Baccalaureate, this year, we were offered the opportunity to go to the Lestonnac school in Badalona to support the teachers of the youngest members of the school. We go there twice a week and what surprised us most at first was the cultural difference, of being and of living, of the children there is so different from ours. After the initial surprise, we find that we are doing a very useful job.

These afternoons with children at the school of Badalona, ​​they have made us see that a small gesture, a few hours of our time, really helps other people. For them, when we get to class they get up to hug us and we really feel very proud of the work we do. The week always passes slowly until you wait until Thursday and Friday to see their smiles again.

We encourage you all to join us to get to know the Lestonnac school in Badalona!

Natalia, Carla, David, Miriam, Maria, Berta and Andrea (Baccalaureate).

Thanks to all of them!

We invite you all to participate in Lestonnac’s volunteering projects

Anna Delgado and Anna Hortal

Volunteer team